Stonybrook RV Resort
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We love getting mail… if you have questions, comments, or you just want to drop us a friendly note, send us a message below or call us at the office. Thanks!

1435 Germans Road
Lehighton, PA 18235


(570) 386-4088

Seasonal Inquiries:

(610) 597-2662 (Jonathan's Cell)

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  • Don’t you love those random memories

    that make you smile every time you think of them?

  • You can't buy happiness...

    but you can buy an RV, and that's pretty close.

  • The best pictures are the ones where nobody has to tell you to say “Cheese!”...

    because you’re already smiling.

  • I do some of my best thinking

    while I'm laying in my hammock.

  • Nothing helps you get to know someone

    like talking to them around a campfire.

  • Yeah, my legs are definitely ready for a little sun.

    Don't judge me.