Stonybrook RV Resort


We bet you can’t wait!

As we carefully open back up and return to our normal ways of RVing there are few quick reminders we would like to make you aware of. The Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association and members of the Governor’s office have set some guidelines and recommendations for us to follow. Therefore we have the following policies in place to ensure that RV parks safely reopen and progress towards the RVing experience we all want! Let us walk you through what a typical stay at StonyBrook RV Resort may look like.

  1. Reservations:
    • Our reservation process has not changed. Pick your days, call us with your information and get excited to enjoy the outdoors!
  1. Check-in:
    • Typically we would invite you into our office/store, but due to the current situation our contactless check-in procedure will be explained at the time of reservations. It’s easy and convenient! Until further notice we will not have a site escort/guide for first time guests. We are always available to provide assistance, please feel free to call us!
  1. Facilities:
    • Our tentative opening date for our facilities such as the bathrooms, showers, laundry and store will be May 15th 2020.
    • If you need some basic items from our store such as propane, firewood, drinks, campfire goodies, treats or non perishables please order them via our Campers App. Our delivery times will be everyday at 11am and 4pm. Please Order by 10am for 11 o’clock delivery and order by 3pm for 4 o’clock delivery.
    • To use our Campers App:
        • Find and download Campers App in your app store
        • Locate StonyBrook RV Resort on the Map (or enter login code “StonyBrook”)
        • Select enter park
        • Select “Store” from the menu
    •   Propane:
        • Please disconnect your tank and set it in the front of the site to be picked up, filled, and returned.
        • You can order via the Campers App or for emergency fill ups please text (570) 386-4088 and we will notify you of the earliest time available for refills.
  1. Amenities:
    • Until further notice amenities such as the playground, pool, game room and gaga pit are closed.
  1. Socializing:
    • Social distancing (6ft) is still mandatory and should be exercised at all times.
    • Only your registered party members are permitted at your site.
    • Visiting guests are not permitted into the park.
    • Site to site socializing and congregating is not permitted.
  1. Check-out:
    • We hope you enjoyed your time with us. Safely exit the park and place your trash in the dumpsters on the way out.
  • Don’t you love those random memories

    that make you smile every time you think of them?

  • You can't buy happiness...

    but you can buy an RV, and that's pretty close.

  • The best pictures are the ones where nobody has to tell you to say “Cheese!”...

    because you’re already smiling.

  • I do some of my best thinking

    while I'm laying in my hammock.

  • Nothing helps you get to know someone

    like talking to them around a campfire.

  • Yeah, my legs are definitely ready for a little sun.

    Don't judge me.